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Independant role play blog for Okita Souji from the game series Hakuouki , but more than happy to interact with other fandoms/OCs/people so don't hesitate to ask or start a conversation. I do not own all of the icons that I use, but I do a majority of them. Thank you to everyone on the Hakuouki Masterlist for getting me started here and also Tabby and Bianca for helping me with icons, set up, and everything in between.


You know, the more I think about it, the more I wholeheartedly agree with the fact that Souji and Chizuru’s relationship wouldn’t be as perfect or easy as what SSL described in the game. The game basically went “Oh I like you. Oh I love you. Relationship” which I have to cringe at a bit and feel disappointed over.

Just like in Edo time, Souji is a hard guy to get to open up…as well, he has some attitude and emotional problems that would cause a few fights and bumps in the road as well. His health, how stubborn he can be in certain situations—and heck, even Chizuru’s brother still—would have a drastic effect on their relationship. The journey with him is a long one that Chizuru endures and while I see them becoming that cute and super close couple in high school, it wouldn’t be as automatic as what it is made to be. It’d take a couple of years at least and then maybe a year or two more for a step farther than girlfriend and boyfriend to be taken. 

Not at all am I saying it wouldn’t work. Honestly, the ups and downs and their issues and arguments before they got together was what made the romance so real and precious. Also, Chizuru and Souji are both tough cookies (Chizuru honestly sometimes stronger than Souji when it comes to making things like that work in my opinion). But never would it be easy like the game made it. They’d be a terrific and close couple when they got together, however, there’d be conflict for sure.

And maybe a few nights of Souji grumpily sleeping on the couch when they are married…with Chizuru making sure he was covered up and warm when he finally fell asleep. Yes. Definitely some of those along with the fluffy happenings. 

harbingersoftheapocalypse sent:

(Ahhh I saw that post about you wanting critiques and that your writing has gotten rusty and now I want to toss you my non existing writing abilities like HOW DARETH THOU YOU WRITE LIKE A GOD IM AWAY FOR SCHOOL ONE DAY AND I FORGET HOW TO WRITE;;;;;)

// I apologize for how late I am with this reply first and foremost. I’ve had alot going on recently :’D. But, I want to tell you thank you as well for such kind words ;v;. You’re such a sweetie. However, you shouldn’t shorthand yourself! I quite enjoy reading your writing. It has a cute style and it easy to follow and enjoy. I don’t think it is rusty or bad at all!

Thank you very much -hugs and offers cookies-!

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Weren’t you afraid to hurt Chizuru during your first intercourse?

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Headcanon: Okita Souji is not just a cat person, he like a cat shapped as a person because he enjoys pampering so much (if you scratch his head be certain he will demand more but he doesn't like them on his belly /Yukimura and Saito learnt that the hard way), sleeping under the sun and not allowing Hijikata to write down his haiku.

Ohhh this has indeed been a discussion before and something that I accept! Especially in how I play my Souji, he is very cat-like in his mannerisms (though, it is a love/hate—mostly love relationship with him and cats depending on the situation). There is nothing about the man that doesn’t scream cat in most situations. 

Souji enjoys sunbathing, naps out in the sun, pampering (by those that he loves—he actually seems to like it when Chizuru rubs his stomach when it is sore…but that is mostly teasingly and he prefers it itched more. Not his chest though. That bothers him and there will be claws if he doesn’t like you) and of course being an ornery one that some could call “a creature from hell”. I swear on my life the man is part cat with that as well as his fickleness, skulking, and such.

The only difference is cats can’t taste sweet things and he’d die without them, ahha!

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This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don’t break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching! - Tag! You are it! -

How do you deflate an already flat booty? Whether it is spread or not doesn’t change the state of his poor butt. 

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This is a tumblr butt touch. Pass this to at least 10 of your favorite blogs to show them how much you love their butt. Make sure you don’t break the chain or your butt will deflate. Happy tumblr butt touching! - Tag! You are it! -

He didn’t care about spreading it…but he suggested you got your hand off of his taint soon. 

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//iT IS ALREADY THE 23RD ON OUR END SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYME!!! *get your gift from Sam* XD *hugs and kisses from da momma jed!! Don't do drugs!!! XD

// Ahh yes those pesky time zones—meanwhile it is only 3PM here in the US, haha! But thank you Momma Jed for the wishes -smooches your adorable head-. I promise not to do drugs unless candy and cake count as one…then I will OD the crap out of that stuff!

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