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"So, you’re the one that tamed Saitou Hajime, are you?" And he was the one already getting a warning tug out of his wife now as he looked upon the other with amusement. Perhaps she knew what he was up to…or Chizuru simply was trying to have mercy on the soul before him. Either way, he didn’t feel a need to keep his mouth muzzled if she was with Saitou of all people, so his words were leaving rather freely.

"—Did you unjam the pole stuck in his ass to do it or is there a special skill I don’t know about?" Souji…that isn’t a compliment…—but we suppose he was saying he was impressed with the fact you had gotten his friend of all people wrapped around those fingers of yours. 

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"Oh that’s easy." We will warn you now that Souji has a skill of promising nice things with that tone of his…just before leading those he strings along into utter disappointment. That was about to happen. Sometimes you’re not as annoying as that pompous asshole of a brother you have~” It was the closest to earnest you were going to get out of him.

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"Otsune-san is a very maternal woman…" It was really meant to be a compliment, so Souji hoped she didn’t see it as anything less because of that small laugh-like breath that had trailed behind it. It was odd was all; for him to be saying it. Though he didn’t really have the greatest view on what a mother should be, Kondou’s wife seemed quite fitting to it as he saw her caring for her daughter and some of the men here on her visits…even himself. That was another matter, however, that was rather hard to explain considering his comfort levels with that sort of thing. For now, his compliment would have to do. “Kondou-san was very lucky to find a woman so suiting.” 

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"I’ll admit you have spunk…" Would that work for a compliment? Hopefully so because it was all that he had to offer to the stranger. He wasn’t about to put more thought into something like this when she wasn’t about to mean much in a bit. The dull end of his blade tapping against his shoulder, Souji was taking some steps closer to her, his smirk growing in the process. “—but that doesn’t save you from the stupid choice of hanging around here when you shouldn’t have. My job is still my job and unless you find a way to get out of this, I’ll be seeing it through~” 

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"Well, well. I never expected Hajime-kun to be making grabby hands for a compliment—from yours truly at that~." Past his teasing, Souji knew that this one wouldn’t be all that hard. Saitou had been around and his comrade for plenty enough time. He was sure that he could scrounge up something for this.

"You’re one of my favorite people to spar here since you make it worth my time." To some that wouldn’t be much of a compliment, but Souji thought that it served well for the sort of relationship that they had. 

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"You’re asking me to lie then?" Sorry, but a chortle and those words were all that he had to offer at first to the girl. After all, she must have been aware of his dislike for her being about the compound…yet she was here now wanting him to say something nice about her. It was tempting to simply tell her it was impossible, however that wasn’t how this thing worked. Sadly. His eyes lifting to meet hers, it was hard to tell what that expression meant; it wasn’t one preparing to compliment, that was for sure.

"I suppose since you haven’t died or been scared off yet, I can congratulate you…but I’m still waiting for it to happen~." And he wouldn’t be surprised if it did no matter what any one else said. 

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"Morgan-chan draws me like the little shit that I am." Or so he had been told…but that was his compliment…probably from mun more than anyone. But hey, it sounded amusing enough so why not use it?

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"I dunno why you bother using it with me, but you have alot of kindness." Holding back the need to say ‘I guess’ to seemingly shrug off the words, Souji’s eyes were wandering elsewhere. Sincerity wasn’t a skill of his…but he could do it on occasion when he needed to. Or, was forced to for this matter. "A waste of time here if you ask me." 

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Kawa blinked once and then twice at the sight of the brunette having collapsed into her arms; she could swear her face burned in surprise. Calming, she carried him as best as possible (the man was at least half a foot taller than her) to her futon, gently setting him down. Her gray eyes tightened in concern and she exhaled, rubbing the last bits of sand out of her eyes, looking at him again. "Geez, Souji..." She mumbled.

He was exhausted, that was for sure. For far too long he had been running himself down into the ground for the sake of showing that he was useful for something—more than likely correlating with the fact he had recently come off leave against the wishes of the Commander who wanted him resting more. Which may have been why, even though it wasn’t his room or the doctor’s like he had been sure he was looking for (it was hard to tell with as scattered a mind he had), he was falling completely limp in the arms of the girl. Never would he do that in any other instance…so there was definitely something wrong. 

Dead weight, her struggling or where she had placed him was without his knowledge, heavy breaths falling past his lips as his head toppled to the side; he probably looked quite the pitiful thing and he’d regret it sooner or later. For now though, his muscles were relaxing finally to remove their tension in a manner that almost seemed like bliss. Okita had never properly given himself recovery time from his measles and it seemed to have lead him to a fever and this fatigue that he was suffering now after going around in the Summer heat. So long as he rested, he would be fine, he was sure…

—but if he was conscious, he’d obstinately be saying his room was where he’d be having said rest.