"I can still fight."

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Independant role play blog for Okita Souji from the game series Hakuouki , but more than happy to interact with other fandoms/OCs/people so don't hesitate to ask or start a conversation. I do not own all of the icons that I use, but I do a majority of them. Thank you to everyone on the Hakuouki Masterlist for getting me started here and also Tabby and Bianca for helping me with icons, set up, and everything in between.

Souji has scars all over from his childhood. No one will ever convince me otherwise. There’s no way you go that long with being beaten and abused and never had a scar on you. Hehe. My Souji has them all over his back, his arms, etc. Where ever he could be beaten black and blue without it being seen. 

Not only that but samurai are bound to get them from work. And it would explain why Souji was so well covered up ahahah, just kidding. 

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the best otps are the ones who realise they’re in love with each other and quickly and firmly deny it to themselves for a ludicrous amount of time

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"What the hell happened to you?!"

"It’d tickle you pink to know, wouldn’t it?" A shame for a nosy person, right? Holding the extent of his thoughts to himself, he was sure that his distrust for the woman was plenty apparent—hopefully enough to shoo her away from assistance if that was her intention here. His hand would sooner push the salt from his sweat further into that open wound than divulge to her just how he manage such an injury to his arm. So long as it would heal properly to let him swing his blade again, he didn’t care. And the wound seemed to be lacking severity other than a bleeding problem at the moment. 

"I’m positive you can put two and two together; but if you wanted, you could use your imagination too." She didn’t need his explanation for this. 

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"It’s just a headache, I’ll be fine."



♓ She’d met a sickly man on her last visit to deliver herbs to Matsumoto-sensei and lately it seemed the good doctor had been calling her more and more. Not that she minded if anything It was a wonderful excuse to excuse herself from the shop for a few hours. She only had a sneaking suspicion that it was her presence itself that  had the doctor calling and not his lack of herbs.

On the afternoons that she visits Lisa mostly finds in the company of the sick man who went by the name Okita Souji. The strangers find themselves making light conversations which usually involved the man who coughs violently poking fun of her sometimes she would play along but other times she simply stays quiet. To pass the time they play games like Go and he even teaches her how to play Shogi, a game that was popular with the shogunate. Or so he says in between the laughter as he crushes her time after time.

On days when he feels up to it they sit in the garden sipping tea  which she prepared and snacked on  the sweets bought. They don’t talk much on those days, not that they did in the first place. Instead they simply sit and absorb the summer song of cicadas which remain hidden from sight and she twists tops or folds brightly colored paper into cranes and flowers. He never joins in these little games only watches the reflection of brightly colored trees in the garden pond.

Okita has both his good and his bad days. On bad days the male sweats enough to coat his futon in salt and his face turns a ghostly pale. His coughs are violent and endless as if his body purposely wants him to suffer. He wants nothing more than to sleep but again his body has other plans. Okita tries to hide the blood which stains both hands and mouth clearly ashamed of his illness. Lisa says nothing and only continues to fold canes, she’s up to 587 in total.

Lisa hangs the oragami birds on strings around his personal room, an action which earns her crude words and rude remarks but she notices he never takes them down,

One particularly scorching day Lisa allows herself in to find the male rubbing circles into temples, a scowl plastered across what many consider to be handsome features.

"It’s just a headache, I’ll be fine." Okita mutters before she even has the chance to ask what was the matter. A quick glance towards both his lips and futon reveals  he hasn’t coughed up more blood, that or he’s gotten better at hiding his illness.

"I-I’ll make some tea." He nods before gesturing her off with his hand as if to say he is  done with her. She returns later with two ceramic glasses, enough tea to last them the afternoon, and peeled peaches which he slurps up with vigor when the juices stain large calloused fingers.

"Good." Even saying the word has him squinting in pain. There is no thank  you as he seems to feel his ‘good’ was thanks enough. When the peaches are gone he lets out a content sigh and lazes around arm  probed up again his face. Okita spends the after noon twirling absentmindedly at a top and sipping tea. Lisa folds cranes.

"How many you got now?" The sun is setting when Dr Matsumoda returns from his daily rounds and pays the girl for her delivery.


"Better hurry it up…cough..I think I’m getting worse." His words are joking paired with the fakeist of coughs she’s ever heard. Lisa thinks he might be scared.

"I’ll finish." It’s a promise to both him and herself as she dosen’t have much time left.

Lisa leaves the man grumbling and  cursing as his headache seems to have lessened and returns home to help close up the small shop.

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(In which Okita dies when she has 990 cranes. *throws up confetti* )

Or he’ll just die at 999 and, just like him, her efforts weren’t good enough~❤

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"Did... did you get beat up?" : ')

"Why’s it matter?" They weren’t the smartest—or the kindest for that matter—words to say to the other, but he didn’t have any other ones to offer her as he entered the room. His pride wasn’t allowing him to blatantly admit such a thing happen while it’d be stupid to say it didn’t with those bruises decorating his face. It was stupid that this had happened at all, actually; it shouldn’t have. Settling himself in with a huff beside the girl, as they had plans to meet up for studying before, he was working on wiping the blood from his lip in the process. Ridiculous… 

Souji wasn’t ignorant enough to believe that everyone liked him here. You’d be a fool to think that if you asked him. No matter where you went, there would always be someone that disliked you. This was especially so if you were different.

It wasn’t rocket science when you understood this. A Japanese male in a different country, obviously still learning their tongue. He was different in many categories…and therefore was a target. And for the sake of not sounding like the damsel in distress, he would leave the topic by saying things turned to shit and he didn’t come out unscathed. It annoyed him just to think over it all to be honest.

"Sorry for being late to study." Murmuring now, his eyes were rested on the notebook in front of him. He ached and still wasn’t sure what he’d say to his host family about the issue, but he didn’t want it to be discussed. He could take care of it himself. His legs shaking in a rhythm under the table to concentrate, Souji was waiting for her to say something to further the conversation past his bruises. "We are doing literature, yes?" 


"If I am unable to move,
Then the Darkness shall separate
Flowers and Water”
                          Okita Souji

Written shortly before he succumbed to Tuberculosis in 1868 in Osaka. Aged 22 or 24

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