"I can still fight."

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Independant role play blog for Okita Souji from the game series Hakuouki , but more than happy to interact with other fandoms/OCs/people so don't hesitate to ask or start a conversation. I do not own all of the icons that I use, but I do a majority of them. Thank you to everyone on the Hakuouki Masterlist for getting me started here and also Tabby and Bianca for helping me with icons, set up, and everything in between.

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RP as Chizuru

She had finished cooking breakfast for everyone. In the dining room, she noticed that Okita was not present at the time. She got worried, so she went to back to the kitchen to bring Okita his meal serve it at his room. As she opened the sliding door, she found Okita laying in his futon. She figured that he was sick, so she try to call him out. “Okita-san, please wake up. I brought your breakfast here so you can eat. Are you alright?”


Breakfast was the last thing that he was wanting right now to be quite honest. He was knowing that it would make him feel better—or at least give him some strength…but the thought of eating it wasn’t an appealing one at the time. Thus, with her call, he was remaining under his covers. He didn’t want anyone worrying about him sick either thought, so perhaps it was best to pretend he was asleep? He was keeping his eyes shut with that intention, but who knew what that girl would decide to do. Leave me be…I’ll be up for rounds…

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Fall would rue the day it’s cold weather shift stuck him in bed…flu season always caught him first no matter what he did—perhaps even earlier than it was supposed to. 


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Thinking for a moment, she paused. “Hmm….could I see your sword? I love swords…”

And that was a boundary he wasn’t about to allow to be crossed. "Hopefully you don’t think I’m going to be handing off my blade to you that easily—or at all for that matter." So that was a no. 

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"How could I not know? A bunch of handsome men fighting with katanas and protecting the people!" She was giggling and getting excited by now~

"You hold an awfully optimistic view of us, don’t you? That tells me for sure you’re not from here." According to the many opinions outside of the compound, they were nothing but fight-picking hooligans. But, words were words and so long as he was assigned a job, he wouldn’t be caring about them. 

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"Ah, Souji? Do you want some tea, I just finished making some." Brianna pretended not to hear the sigh that had escaped from him. He wasn’t one to talk about it, so asking wouldn’t help much. Tea made her feel better though, so maybe it would help him.

"No, I’m fine." Sweets sounded better than tea right now, if he was to be honest—or maybe even chocolate milk. He wasn’t about to ask while being a guest at her house though. Kondou taught him better. Holding his hand in his cheek, he was flipping through the pages of the textbook once more. "We done here then?" He wasn’t quite sure he wanted to bother with anymore studying. 

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"That is a very strong sounding name!" She perked up and smiled. "Say…aren’t you one of the Shinsengumi?"

Strong…well, that was a first. Usually, he received a pun towards his names, never a compliment like that. For the variation, he was giving a chuckle. "I am. I’m surprised with such a foreign name, you know of us, kid."